The Vogel CMI App accurately emulates many of the functions of the legendary Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI), which was first designed in 1978.

The appeal of the CMI was manyfold, but two factors stand out: the amazing sound quality and the intuitive and friendly user interface. These resulted from the CMI being designed and built from the ground up, and not using anyone else's computer platform.

All the sounds contained in this App were transferred from the original library of 8-inch floppy discs, and the disc access and fan noises were recorded from an actual CMI system.

Page navigation in the App

Correspondingly, the software "pages" and even the look of the screen closely mimic the original.

After correctly setting the power supply voltage and turning on, the original CMI system would boot up the system software, and Page 1 would appear. This page was a directory of other software pages that, with the lightpen, allowed easy navigation around the system without complex typed commands.

So too with the Vogel CMI App. But instead of the lightpen, the touchscreen enables the other software pages to be accessed. From any of these pages, it's easy to navigate back to the Page 1 index.