With the Vogel CMI (non-Pro) App you can already play genuine Fairlight CMI sounds and songs. To make your own CMI compositions, and many other features, you can upgrade. Here are the features you will have:

Vogel CMI App

Pro App
or Upgrade
Upgrade to Pro features with in-App purchase
Full size display on iPad
Preferred minimum
(requires iOS 7+)
iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
or better
iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 3
or better
Simulated CMI experience with genuine floppy disk sounds
Audiobus capability as input or output
Play all original CMI II sounds
On-screen music keyboard
Display CMI II sounds in Page D
Play and display Page R songs
Import .RS Page R songs
Import .IN instrument files
MIDI in » play CMI sounds (Core MIDI, Line6 MidiMobilizer, Akai Synthstation)
Create and edit your own instrument sets
Create and edit your own Page R songs
Import Fairlight .VC and .VCX voice files
Export Fairlight .VCX voice files
Play and use a selection of Fairlight CMI III voices
Send/receive songs, instruments and your own voices by email
Sample new voices from microphone or line in (version 1.1+)
Create Vogel CMI (Fairlight-format) voices from WAV and AIFF files
Waveform drawing: create and edit your own voices
Save Page R songs as MIDI files
Create Page R songs from MIDI files