Page R - Real Time Composer - Song Editor

Note that all of the editing functions below are only available in the Pro version. Selection of patterns and steps for display are supported in both versions, but any functions that change the song are only available in the Pro version.

This page allows you to select and rearrange the patterns and steps in your song. You can get here by tapping the "Step n Ptn n" button at the top right of the Page R pattern editor.

Every Fairlight CMI song has one or more numbered patterns. It is the same in the Vogel CMI App. Each pattern contains all the notes for all eight tracks for one bar of the song. Each pattern is edited and displayed in the Page R Pattern Editor.

A song can be assembled from a selection of steps. Each step plays one of the patterns, optionally repeating it a number of times. Unlike the original CMI, in this App you can have as many steps and patterns as you need.

The left scrolling table shows thumbnails for this song's patterns. Click the [+] button at the bottom to add a new empty pattern, or click the [+] button on a pattern to make a copy of that pattern and start editing it. Swipe the patterns up and down to see them all if there are more than will fit on the screen. Swipe sideways to delete the pattern. You will not be able to delete a pattern if it is used in any step.

If the step editor is showing on the right, tapping a pattern will select that pattern to be played in the selected step. If the step editor is not displayed (e.g. after you click the step editor "Save" button), tapping a pattern will display that pattern in the Page R pattern editor.

The middle list shows the steps that will be played for this song. Each step specifies a pattern and how many times that pattern will be repeated. Tap the [+] button on the last step to add a new step at the end of the song, or tap the [+] button within other steps to make a copy of that step between this step and the next step. Tap a step to bring up the step editor, where you can tap [+] or [-] to adjust the number of repeats, or tap a pattern in the pattern list on the left to play that pattern in this step. Swipe sideways to delete the step.

Note that when deleting and inserting patterns and steps, the later patterns or steps are renumbered so that there are no duplicated or missing step or pattern numbers.

When you are ready to play the song in sequence, tap on the step where you would like to start, tap "Show in Page R" then tap "Play" to start the song playing from the start of that step.