Page R - Real Time Composer - Pattern Editor

Note that all of the editing functions below are only available in the Pro version. Display and playback are supported in both versions, but any functions that change the song are only available in the pro version.

Adding Notes Quick Start

Pattern Editor Overview

This page displays 8 tracks, each of which plays one of the voices in the song's instrument. The left side (voice list) and right side (note editor) have different behaviours. The right side initially shows the first pattern in the song.

Left side (voice list)

Right side (Pattern notes)

Each Track

Pattern editor toolbar

Other Page R Screens

The famous Fairlight Page R actually comprised two pages, the Pattern Editor (described above) and the Song Editor. Because screen space is so limited in the iPhone, and to improve usability, this App also has a third page, the Song Settings Page

Making new songs

To create a new song, or to copy an existing song, or to import a song file, you can use the [+] button in Page 2. Another approach is to select a song and tap on the pattern bars in Page R. This will give you the option of editing a copy of that song.