Peter Vogel Instruments – the next generation

Then and now

Peter Vogel and his first baby (1980), and his new baby (2009)

In the 1980s, Fairlight Instruments turned the music industry on its head by developing the first commercial instrument based on sound sampling. See the history page for more background. That company was wound up at the end of the eighties. Fairlight’s successor, Fairlight.AU*, is now the world leader in professional audio editing, recording and mixing*.

Now Peter Vogel, one of the founders of the Fairlight of the ’80s, has established Peter Vogel Instruments with the objective of developing musical instruments utilising the latest audio technology.

There are limited opportunities to invest in Peter Vogel Instruments.

*Fairlight is a trademark of Fairlight.AU Pty Ltd and is used by Peter Vogel Instruments Pty Ltd under licence. There is otherwise no connection between the two companies. To visit go to