Interesting Links

The Fairlight Gallery Peter Vogel’s personal Fairlight photo gallery.

Audio archives Peter Vogel’s personal Fairlight audio archives.

Fairlight The Whole Story Audio Media magazine, January 1996

The Fun of the Fairlight Sound on Sound Magazine April 1999

Fairlight.AU Check out Fairlight.AU’s DAW and A/V post systems

The Holmes page: Fairlight CMI An extensive collection of CMI-related information

Failed Muso’s All The Fun Of The Fairlight A varied and eclectic mix of songs, all featuring the Fairlight CMI



Bob Moog demonstrates the Fairlight CMI 1983



Fairlight Instruments Corporate Video 1985



Fairlight CMI on “This Week” ABC TV, early ’80s



Fairlight Instruments Factory Tour 1986 part 1



Fairlight Instruments Factory Tour 1986 part 2