My iPad shows a black screen at the top sometimes

This intermittent bug has appeared for a couple of customers, and we are tracking down the cause. It seems to be caused by memory contention with other Apps.

If it does happen to you, a workaround is to quit the App: First tap the home button to show the apps, then double-tap the home button. Tap and hold the Fairlight icon in the bottom bar, then tap the red (-) button. Then relaunch the app and it will run.

If it keeps happening, quit other Apps, especially those that use a lot of memory, like 3D games.

We would really appreciate some help in tracking down this elusive bug. If it happens, please use the support form to tell us:

  • What are the exact steps needed to make it happen?
  • If it happened when tapping a navigation button at the top, which button was it? Page 1? Page 2? Page 3? etc…
  • Does it happen often or rarely?
  • Do you have a lot of other apps running? If so try quitting all the apps you don’t need and see if that helps

Posted in: Bugs fixed in 1.0.1