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Swannee 2

Made popular by China Crisis and Thomas Dolby, amongst others….

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A highly non musical sample, made famous by Kate Bush in her classic track, “Army Dreamers”

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The breathy, feminine quality of the Sararr sample was coveted by many and used to great effect….

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Assisting in the mystical presence of Peter Gabriel’s song of American Indian oppression, Pwang was the sinister undertone throughout his song, “San Jacinto”

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Similar yet distinctively different to Sararr….

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Quite possibly the most ubiquitous and instantly familiar Fairlight sample was the Orch5 orchestra stab that appeared on more pieces of music than one would care to remember. From this moment on, no self respecting synth or sampler would be … Continue reading

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The Sounds

The Fairlight is known for many things. Its iconic design, the revolutionary way it allowed users to compose music, being the first digital sampler and of course, its unique and unmistakeable sounds. For the first time, users of the Fairlight … Continue reading

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Fairlight CMI History

The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was, in 1979, the first commercially available digital sampling instrument. For the first time, natural sounds could be played on a keyboard and used in compositions. It was a revolution. The CMI consisted of … Continue reading

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