CMI-30A Options

A number of options are

available for the CMI-30A:

  1. Music keyboard action. The CMI-30A uses the best quality Fatar Grand Touch hammer action keyboard, TP/40GH.
    This keyboard offers a superb piano key feel, however some players may prefer a lighter touch, so we are offering as an alternative the TP/40L Light Touch Feeling 75gr (same keyboard with a lighter touch). There is no extra charge for this option.
  2. Left-handed Monitor. The monitor with light pen is normally constructed for right handed use, the light pen resting place and connection point being to the right of the screen. We can also supply the monitor in a left-handed configuration. There is no extra charge for this option.
  3. Flight cases. We are offering an exceptional set of custom flight cases designed and manufactured for the CMI-30A by A&S Case Company.
    These use carbon fibre walls for ultimate protection at minimum weight. The system fits into three cases.
  4. Stands. Custom-built steel stand which houses the complete system. Compact and mobile (on castors). We do not yet have pictures, and pricing is not yet available.
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