Bugs fixed in 1.1.8 to 1.1.11

Stuck notes with Alesis IO Dock MIDI

Some customers are reporting stuck notes and missed notes when using an external MIDI keyboard through the Alesis IO Dock. Now that we have an IO Dock for testing, we also see this problem, not just in the Fairlight App but in other MIDI Apps as well. It seems that this is both an IO Dock problem and a problem with the Fairlight App.

Note that the problem is very bad in IO Dock firmware version 1.0, somewhat improved in 1.05 and (if you have Fairlight App 1.1.9) fixed in 1.07. You can find the latest Alesis firmware at http://www.alesis.com/iodock under Docs and Downloads.

In Fairlight App version 1.1.8 the problem will still occur occasionally, but is completely fixed in 1.1.9 with the latest IO Dock firmware.

iOS 5 – Akai SynthStation not working

Unfortunately, the Synthstation API software is incompatible with iOS 5. Akai have just released a new version compatible with iOS 5, but too late to be included in Fairlight App 1.1.7. It is fixed in 1.1.8, which was submitted to the App Store on 13th of November 2011.

iOS 5 – App quits when instrument first selected

If you launch the App and then select an instrument, it will quit.
The workaround is to select a song first, then select an instrument.

Imported songs don’t play

When imported, a song displays all the notes, but plays silently.

This bug is fixed for release 1.5.11, coming soon.

Audiobus doesn’t work

Unfortunately, we misconfigured Audiobus in the 1.6 release of the non-Pro version of the CMI App when submitting it to the App Store. This is fixed in 1.6.1, which should be released in the last week of September.

My App quits as soon as it launches

This can happen if you have Apps in the background using all the memory. 3D games are particularly memory-hungry. Try quitting other Apps:

(before iOS 7) Tap home, double-tap home, tap and hold an App in the bottom row, tap the (-) button for those you want to quit.

(iOS 7) Double-tap home then slide the App upwards to quit it.

If that doesn’t work, please send your crash logs, looking for files that start with Vogel CMI_:


Happily, this problem happens much less often on newer devices and on iOS 6 and 7.