Stuck notes with Alesis IO Dock MIDI

Some customers are reporting stuck notes and missed notes when using an external MIDI keyboard through the Alesis IO Dock. Now that we have an IO Dock for testing, we also see this problem, not just in the Fairlight App but in other MIDI Apps as well. It seems that this is both an IO Dock problem and a problem with the Fairlight App.

Note that the problem is very bad in IO Dock firmware version 1.0, somewhat improved in 1.05 and (if you have Fairlight App 1.1.9) fixed in 1.07. You can find the latest Alesis firmware at under Docs and Downloads.

In Fairlight App version 1.1.8 the problem will still occur occasionally, but is completely fixed in 1.1.9 with the latest IO Dock firmware.

Posted in: Bugs fixed in 1.1.8 to 1.1.11