Bugs fixed in 1.1.5

IMPORTANT: export your sampled voices

Version 1.1, in some circumstances, can lose track of the audio data for sampled voices. A workaround for this: after you have set the trim and loop points for a voice you just sampled, export it (button on bottom right of the voice page). Then re-import it in Page 2. After checking that the imported voice is as you expect it, delete the original voice in Page 2.
If you already have a sampled voice with misplaced data (unfortunately the symptom of this is a crash when you try to view it), please use the support form and we will help you fix it.

There is one other case in 1.1.1 that can be worse: if you cancel from the sampler page after sampling a voice, all of your voice data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. So please don’t cancel if you have tapped the record button, and always export your voices.

Other bugs in 1.1

  • Page 2 new song does not display the new song
  • Oscilloscope / waterfall breaks up on loud sounds
  • Page 3 instrument voice adjustments sometimes slow
  • Voice waveform display is incorrect at low amplitude in the Retina display

Crash when selecting a sampled voice

If you have a sampled voice with misplaced audio data (see the FAQ about exporting sampled voices), it will crash when you try to view it. Either delete the voice (losing the sample), or if you want to recover it, please use the support form and we will help you fix it.

I have some bug that comes and goes

It seems that for 0.1% of customers, the song database gets corrupted for some reason. If you have some problem, please try the following remedies, only going as far as is necessary to fix the problem:

– quit and restart your App (tap home, double-tap home, tap and hold Fairlight in the bottom row, tap the (-) button)

– export your song, then delete it, then re-import it from the export file

– export all your songs, instruments and voices, copy the export files from iTunes to somewhere safe, then delete the app from your device and reinstall from iTunes, then re-import your files.

If all that fails, please submit a bug report in the feedback page, and include your crash logs (see instructions here).