IMPORTANT: export your sampled voices

Version 1.1, in some circumstances, can lose track of the audio data for sampled voices. A workaround for this: after you have set the trim and loop points for a voice you just sampled, export it (button on bottom right of the voice page). Then re-import it in Page 2. After checking that the imported voice is as you expect it, delete the original voice in Page 2.
If you already have a sampled voice with misplaced data (unfortunately the symptom of this is a crash when you try to view it), please use the support form and we will help you fix it.

There is one other case in 1.1.1 that can be worse: if you cancel from the sampler page after sampling a voice, all of your voice data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. So please don’t cancel if you have tapped the record button, and always export your voices.

Posted in: Bugs fixed in 1.1.5