Bugs Fixed in 1.5 to 1.6

iOS 6 – First visit to Page R quits App

This was an iOS 6 incompatibility problem, and is fixed in version 1.1.11.

App crashes when editing instrument in Page 3

In release 1.1.11, when you tap the edit button on an instrument voice in Page 3, the App quits. This applies to the Pro and non-Pro Apps, but apparently not to the non-Pro App if it has been upgraded to Pro.
This bug is fixed in release 1.1.12, which we hope will be approved by mid-January.

Sampler Page crashes in version 1.1.12

Sorry about that. A bug crept in during final updates. This is fixed in version 1.1.13, which is now submitted to the App Store for approval.

Metronome is missing

Whoops. Version 1.5 had so many changes, we missed this one. It will be fixed in 1.5.1.

Crash when importing voices

It seems there are some audio files our code can’t handle, and instead of saying so, we just quit the App. Sorry about that– it is already fixed for 1.5.1. The workaround is not to select the offending files in the voice import page, preferably by removing them from your device using iTunes.

Silent Page R

Some people are reporting that the only way to get their new songs to play back is to use the “pattern repeat” mode. We are investigating. In the meantime, your workaround is to go back to Page 2 them open Page R again.

Deleted or changed notes still play unchanged

When you delete a note in Page R, or change its pitch, it still plays unchanged. Whoops!

There are three possible workarounds:

– play in pattern repeat mode (the green arrow in the button)

– go to page 2, select a different song, go to Page R, back to Page 2, select your song again, then Page R. That will clear and reload all the notes.

– use the clear command to clear the track then replace the notes you want.

This bug is fixed in release 1.5.2.

New notes don’t play in iOS 5 devices

In iOS 5 devices, new notes are recorded with a volume of 9, which is greater than the maximum CMI volume of 8. In iOS 6 these notes play at 8, but in iOS 5 devices they are rejected by Core Audio.

There are two possible workarounds:

– edit every new note;

– use an external music keyboard to record notes.

This bug is fixed in release 1.5.3.

iPad top panel goes black

This is a very rare and hard to catch bug. If it happens to you, we’d really like to hear about it. Please tell us your iOS version, your iPad version, what you were doing when it happened, and what other Apps were running at the time.

We believe that this is caused by running out of memory. If you don’t mind helping us track down the problem, or you just want to fix it right now, please do the following:

– Tap your home button. Then double-tap it.
– Hold an App in the bottom row, tap the (-) button for all those Apps you think might use a lot of memory, especially 3D games and heavy-duty audio processing Apps.
– Launch the CMI App again, and see if that removes or reduces the problem.
– If you feel like being a detective, launch your other apps one by one and see which one causes or worsens the problem– and let us know!

Addendum: We believe that we have fixed this in release 1.6. Please tell us if it still happens!

iOS 7 Audio Bugs

Sadly, the release version of iOS 7 has some new audio bugs that were not in the beta versions. This has broken the CMI Apps in iOS 7. The Audiobus guys are saying that serious musicians should NOT upgrade to iOS 7 yet because it has too many audio bugs.

The symptoms in release 1.5.4 and earlier are that most of the voices are silent, and there is an error trying to connect to Audiobus.

CMI release 1.5.5 has fixes for these bugs, and is in the App Store waiting for approval.

In the meantime, enjoy the “LOCUST” sample song– it just happens to have voices that all work in iOS 7.

Crash on iOS 5

Unfortunately, the extensive changes needed for iOS 7 compatibility caused a problem with iOS 5, where the App crashes when you select pages. This has been fixed in Pro version 1.5.6 and non-Pro version 1.5.7.

Page 3 Crash in 1.5.7 and 1.5.8

Sorry, in our rush to fix the iOS 5 crash we deployed a version that wasn’t ready. It crashes when you select Page 3. Instruments work but cannot be edited. We have already submitted a new version that fixes the problem. It should be approved by about the 18th.

Stuck keys in on-screen keyboard

Releases from 1.5.6 to 1.5.9 have a bug where keys sometimes get stuck in the on-screen keyboard. You have to quit the App to clear the keys.
This is already fixed for the next release. In the meantime, the workaround is to tap the octave selector rather tan drag it, so that the C key is always to the left.

Green screen in sampler page on iPad

Yet another unexpected consequence of the changes we made for iOS 7 compatibility. Unfortunately, this makes the sampler unusable and there is no workaround. It is fixed in 1.5.10, which should be available by the end of October.

Crash when deleting a pattern

When you delete a pattern in the patterns screen by sliding sideways, then return to Page R, the app crashes. This will be fixed in 1.5.12, but in the meantime avoid deleting patterns. You can re-use patterns by using the clear button to clear all tracks in the pattern.