Frequently Asked Questions

Will my device work with Audiobus?

The CMI App will work on any device running iOS 7 or later, and will work with Audiobus with the same restriction. However, if you want to use Audiobus or do heavy performance and composing work, we recommend a minimum of iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 5 or iPad 3. You can use earlier devices, but the composing will be slower and the Audiobus latency will be longer.

Is MIDI input included in the basic Player App?

Yes, live MIDI input is included.You don’t need the Pro upgrade to be able to use the Fairlight App as a MIDI-controlled sample module, playing genuine Fairlight voices. This works for any Core MIDI compatible devices, including MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy (MIDI BLE).

Just to be clear, you can use a MIDI keyboard to play CMI voices in the $9.99 basic Fairlight Player App.

The Fairlight Apps do not yet have any live MIDI-out capability.

With the Pro upgrade, you gain the ability to import and export MIDI files.

How do I access all 560 CMI IIX voices?

In the top right of Page 2, in the Voices column, is a button “All Voices.” Tap that and you can see all the CMI IIX floppy disks and all their voices. Selecting a voice lets you play it with the on-screen keyboard or from a MIDI keyboard.

My Line 6 Midi Mobilizer doesn’t work

Unfortunately, Apple’s requirement of 64-bit compatibility from February 2015 onwards means devices without 64-bit drivers, like the MIDI Mobilizer and the Akai SynthStation, don’t work directly with the CMI App. However, you can use another app such as MidiBridge to convert MIDI Mobilizer to Core MIDI, which the CMI app can use.

A pop sounds when the App starts playing

Have a look in your device’s Settings > iPod > Sound Check. This may be suddenly changing the volume when you start playing. Turn it off for working with the Fairlight App, but don’t forget to turn to back on again to protect your ears from loud music.

Does the Fairlight App work with AirPlay?

Whoops. On iOS 8 the answer seems to be no. We’re working on it.

The short answer is: yes, but…

If you have selected an AirPlay destination in any other App (e.g. iPod or Movies), that audio destination applies to all Apps, including Fairlight. If the AirPlay destination has become unavailable (e.g. being used by some other device), not only will the Fairlight App audio not be heard anywhere, but it may stop altogether until you select an available destination, such as the device itself.

Airplay also has a long delay (can be many seconds) between the audio being transmitted and being played on the destination. This may be confusing, with audio feedback and Page R audio sounding seconds after the action or pattern is displayed.

Finally, it seems that the “old” Airport Express (firmware version 6.3) does not work as an AirPlay destination for iOS devices, despite being available for selection. The Fairlight App will stop while it is selected.

How much does the App cost?

The price for the basic App in the USA is $9.99. The in-app upgrade to the Pro version (see the feature comparison) is $39.99. The prices in other countries are somewhat comparable, but in all cases the Pro upgrade costs around four times the initial App price.

Does the Pro upgrade work on all my iOS devices?

Yes, your Pro upgrade is valid for all of your devices. As long as your device is logged in to your iTunes account, and you have already paid for the upgrade, you will not be charged for an in-App upgrade on that device.

The “Check for Upgrades” button in the App’s upgrade screen will check your upgrade status with your iTunes account and will performa an in-App upgrade on that device without charge. But even if you tapped the in-App ‘upgrade’ button, you would not be charged a second time.

This applies to all your devices: for new devices as well as devices where you have deleted the App, you will only ever have to pay for one upgrade as long as you use the in-App upgrade button and you are logged in to the same iTunes account.

NOTE: the upgrade process will only work if your device is connected to the internet. You can test this by loading any web page in Safari.

What MIDI devices are supported?

The basic Fairlight App supports Core MIDI, so it can receive MIDI events via WiFi or (for the iPad) many MIDI USB devices via the Apple Camera Connection Kit. See the Live MIDI Help for details.

Any device that sends Core MIDI via MIDI Bluetooth Low Energy (MIDI BLE) will also work.

Some devices that we have tested with the Camera Connection Kit, and we know work, are:

  • AKAI LPK25 keyboard
  • ESI Midimate II
  • M-Audio Oxygen 8
  • Cakewalk UM-1G

Note that due to WiFi latency on a busy network, we recommended that for real-time performance or recording you should use a dedicated WiFi network with just your iOS device(s) and the Mac.

The floppy disk noise is too loud.

Yes, it is. In our recording studio, we had to build a separate soundproof area to isolate the CMI from the performers. But, fortunately for you, in the App you can adjust the floppy disk volume in the info/settings screen.

When will [my favourite feature] be available?

If the Fairlight App is missing something you would like, please let us know via the feedback form. We have a list, but your input will help us prioritise it.