Does the Fairlight App work with AirPlay?

Whoops. On iOS 8 the answer seems to be no. We’re working on it.

The short answer is: yes, but…

If you have selected an AirPlay destination in any other App (e.g. iPod or Movies), that audio destination applies to all Apps, including Fairlight. If the AirPlay destination has become unavailable (e.g. being used by some other device), not only will the Fairlight App audio not be heard anywhere, but it may stop altogether until you select an available destination, such as the device itself.

Airplay also has a long delay (can be many seconds) between the audio being transmitted and being played on the destination. This may be confusing, with audio feedback and Page R audio sounding seconds after the action or pattern is displayed.

Finally, it seems that the “old” Airport Express (firmware version 6.3) does not work as an AirPlay destination for iOS devices, despite being available for selection. The Fairlight App will stop while it is selected.

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