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Developed in Australia during the ’70s and ’80s, the Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was the first commercial sampler and screen-based rhythm sequencer. Today every sampler, digital synthesizer, sequencer and audio workstation can trace its lineage back to this legendary machine. Now you can have, in your pocket or on your iPad, a piece of history developed by Fairlight staff who worked on the CMI in the ’80s.

You can Buy and download the Pro App from the App Store, or if you are not sure you want the Pro features, you can get the Player App and play original Fairlight CMI sounds and sequences straight away. Then if you want to create your own masterpieces you can use the in-app upgrade process to get all the Pro features listed in the Features page.

You can find an audio montage of CMI App sounds, made by a Fairlight customer, on SoundCloud.

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Features Overview
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Player vs. Pro
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Voice Sampling

Accepts input from Core MIDI devices. You can even accept MIDI from some devices that don’t support Core MIDI, such as the Akai SynthStation and the Line6 MidiMobilizer, using an app called MidiBridge.
A great way to get quality audio into the new sampling feature in version 1.1 is via iRig Mic, and the perfect support for your iPad is iKlip.

Compatible with iRig MicCompatible with iKlip



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457 Responses to CMI App for iPad and iPhone

  1. Richard C says:

    Hey CMI homies:

    Is there a way to sample using a type of Line-in interface instead of just using the IPad’s external Mic? What product would be the one to look for? It would be ideal to get a nice clean sample sometimes instead of having to battle ambient sounds in the room or vicinity.

    I’m also wondering if I’m going to get a reply here from you fine folks. I’m a bit afraid Vogel CMI may becoming AbandonWare. That would be unfortunate because I love this App and use it very often in my songwriting.

    Are we ever going to get the Additive Synthesis Page?!?

    Patiently awaiting a reply. Really hope you folks haven’t been shuttered 🙂

    • Thomas Bisshop says:

      Richard, if you search for “iphone audio line in” you will find hundreds of devices that will do an adequate job. You can even use the headphone jack for line input.

      Additive Sydnthesis is on the list of original CMI II features that are on the list. But there are a few things ahead of it, including multiple time signatures and MIDI switching via Audiobus.

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